Steel and weaved bamboo, 2024

Project in progress, to be installed in Martinique in 2024 in the grounds of the archaeological museum at Vivé.

At first glance, this silhouette is not that of a crab: sinuous lines start from the ground and intertwine; they draw a cylindrical body, a long snake that seems to emerge from the ground, part of which is wrapped in woven wood, creating a delicate vegetal skin. On this skin, scales and pieces of wood are engraved with emblematic animal figures.
Inside, crabs, dozens of them, seem to carry this monumental snake in their claws. Finally, along its body, creepers begin to grow and take on the shape of the snake, creating a pattern reminiscent of a venous network, the kind you'd find in a human body. The plants partially cover the crabs in some places, barely revealing their shape. In other places, they reveal their presence; will they soon completely cover the snake?

This snake is actually a frieze, a giant timeline supported by crabs. by crabs, a calendar that looks alive and tells stories through its scales. It's a creature of time, upon which time on which time progresses, covers, reveals and invites us to come closer to discover all its secrets, to finally become a vegetal creature.

Project made in collaboration with Tristan Dubus, Victor Lenglare and Clement Doyen.

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