Made for Burning Man 2023, Nevada, USA.

Squids are well known to communicate through a beautiful and intriguing way : bioluminescence. This project is a small squad of squid that are eager to engage in a conversation with humans, using light as a visual language. In front of them is a communication device; a human to squid translator.

The squad is at first sight a group of mechanical squids perched next to each other, smoothly swimming through the breeze. During the day, they appear quite discreet, almost dust-like. They slowly move their motorized fins and tentacles, according to the wind speed, with makes them look like the playa is their ocean floor. At night their bodies start to glow and emit small particles of light through their bodies and fins, which make the group look like a shiny constellation of friendly aliens.

On the floor in front of them, another squid but a more imposing one: the main squid. Made of wood and steel, quite different when you get closer, since he has controls and buttons behind his body, and a small platform to acces the highest buttons.

The main squid is a translating device; you can now send lighting signals to the squids and start talking to them. When doing so, the squad starts to answer you. They move their fins too, emit light to answer to yours and try to match the colors you are 'talking'. They will also try to send you messages; some patterns emitted by the squad are awaiting an answer. If the answer is correct, they will emit beautiful synchronized unique light patterns.

Project made in collaboration with : Benjamin Vedrenne Michael Tamimy Clément Rouil Zac Cogle Marie Pauline Moreau Clément Doyen Kaithlyn Rangel

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